Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Setting (2020)

What will virtual camp look like?

Two weeks prior to camp, each camper will receive a packet in the mail that contains all the information and materials that are needed for both pre-camp and day of camp activities. Prior to camp on November 13, 2020, students will be asked to watch three videos including an art project, yoga and camp roundtable. Each of these videos will last no longer than 45 minutes and contain some processing questions or a simple project that will then be utilized in discussion on our day of virtual camp. Access to these videos will be included in the information packet that comes in the mail and will be watched on a computer/smart device connected to the internet. On the day of camp, campers will join with counselors via Zoom from 1 to 3:30 PM for opening ceremonies, ice breakers, small group grief work and a memorial service.

Do I have to have a Zoom account to participate on camp day?

No, you do not have to purchase a Zoom account to take part in camp. However, we would encourage you to download the Zoom app on your smart device or computer for easy access on the day of camp. Through the Zoom app or Zoom website, you will simply input the code and password that is sent in your camp packet that will give you access to our meeting on 11/13.


What is the age for a camper to attend? Can you make exceptions for younger siblings to attend?

Chameleon's Journey is excited to welcome campers ages 7-17. We have set this age range based upon cognitive and emotional ability to process and participate in a group setting while adapting and creating curriculum that meets the specific needs of our campers. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate younger siblings but will gladly welcome them to our program following their 7th birthday.

Is there a charge for camp?

Due to the incredibly generosity of our donors and sponsors, highlighted by the commitment of Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region to financially invest in bereavement services, we are honored to offer Chameleon's Journey free of charge to all accepted campers. Thank you to the countless volunteers that provide their time to invest in our campers.

Who staff's Chameleon's Journey?

Our lead counselors are trained, clinical staff from Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region or other counseling practices within the Charlotte area. We are assisted by longtime friends of CJ, former campers who now serve as Junior Counselors and volunteers from different walks of life who have skill sets in working with students in a compassionate setting. All volunteers are carefully vetted with background checks on record and receive yearly training in our curriculum and counseling methods.

Is there anything for parents/guardians?

Yes, we have special programming just for you! In our traditional camp program, we have a session both on Saturday and Sunday morning to give you space to process and talk about the changes you are facing while speaking to other parents/guardians who are going through a similar situation. The connections that come out of these sessions are always highly valuable to our parents/guardians. For our Virtual 2020 camp, more details will be coming concerning our parent/guardian Zoom session.

Traditional Setting (We hope to be back by 2021!)

Can I (parent/guardian) stay overnight with my child?

Every part of our camp experience is intentionally crafted to meet the needs of our campers while making the most of the 30 or so hours we have together in a traditional setting. Part of the bonding and conversation that leads to deeper understanding and connection happens during our evening fellowship and night cabins. We encourage the fostering of these conversations and team building within the group by restricting parents/guardians both during our day activities and in our night cabins. However, we gladly welcome all parents/guardians/families to join us for our closing celebration on Sunday morning to see what we have learned and how we have grown!

Is transportation available?

We do not currently provide transportation to or from CJ at Camp Thunderbird. If transportation is a hardship, please call our office and speak to our Camp Director.

How are campers grouped?

Each camper will be placed in a small group with other students who are about his/her same age. We try to keep these groups smaller than 15 participants with the younger groups having a higher staff:camper ratio to meet their varied needs.

What is included in Camp?

Campers are invited to take part in a curriculum that stresses group activity and individual processing while engaging our minds and feelings through hands-on learning and fun!! We have created a program that allows open space for the student who can't sit still to the camper who needs some time to get comfortable to speak. Campers will alternate between programming that is activity-based like yoga, zip-lining and group games to more thoughtful times in art, small group conversation and wrap-up sessions. A day at camp would not be complete without a campfire, memorial service and evening party!

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